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Are you in the market for CBD products?

Why Native Ceuticals?

1. We use CBD oil, as opposed to Hemp oil.

Most Hemp oil is extracted from seed and stalk, CBD is extracted from the aerial parts/leaves. Most commercial sites selling Hemp oil are under constraints that prohibit the sale of the active ingredient or the cannabinoids that are typically found to give the therapeutic benefits of the hemp plant. This is confusing and can be deceptive.

2. We use organically grown hemp from domestic/USA farms.

Most Hemp in the current marketplace is grown in Europe or Asia/China.

Many Hemp brands regularly source their Hemp from Eastern Europe, which

we feel can cause brands to lose their transparency and quality control.

Cultivation environment is critical in growing Hemp which is highly susceptible to mold growth. Hemp is a very hardy plant with many beneficial qualities, one of which is that it actually cleans toxins out of the earth, absorbing them, so, foreign grown hemp is more risky in that it is difficult to determine the content of the soil that it is growing in.

3. Our product has 0 THC, CBD can legally have up to .03% THC

There is nothing wrong with THC unless you are being drug tested. Therefore, 0 THC is vital for professionals or any career that requires testing. Most jobs require testing if any on the job accidents or injuries occur.

4. All other ingredients are USDA certified organic and vegan

Most lower priced Hemp brands do not.

5. All of our products are third party tested for heavy metals, pesticides, microbial and cannabinoid concentration before and after production.

6. Our products are priced dependent on cost of ingredients.

Cannabinoids are the active components of CBD oil and are very costly. The cost is measured by the amount of active ingredients or active cannabinoid concentration. You can be assured that the amount of active ingredients utilized in our products support their efficacy and are still a great value.