Product Finder Recommendations: Gastrointestinal

You’re One-Step Closer to Feeling Better!

The results are in and you’re closer than ever to an improved lifestyle and better health! You told us that you’re experiencing stomach discomfort and that can be frustrating. Our team works with a special cannabinoid named CBG that benefits include many anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that relieve the digestive track amongst many other benefits. We use a special blend of CBG with other mind-boosting ingredients to create the ultimate holistic solution to your stomach issues. To help combat your pain, we recommend the following products:

The Products We Are Recommending:

  • Water Soluble CBD Multi Spectrum Capsules: These powerful capsules contain anti-inflammatory properties to ease your digestive track and prevent stomach discomfort. 

  • CBG Tincture 500mg: Our CBG tincture works to ease stomach discomfort through its anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • CBD Full-Spectrum SoftGels: These powerful soft gels contain anti-inflammatory properties to ease your digestive track and prevent stomach discomfort.

How Did We Come Up With This Solution?

It's simple - you told us this is what you needed!

We strongly believe that holistic solutions to health exist. More importantly, we know that cannabis-based therapy can change people’s lives! Each product has been designed to solve for specific issues and we have carefully curated our products to be the solution for you. We focus on the following factors when determining the right product for each person: your problem, your size, how intense the problem you’re going through is & your preferred way to consumer our products.


The most important thing we need to know – what are you going through?


We look at how intense the situation is that way we can prescribe the perfect amount!


We have different milligram solutions that we recommend based off your size!

What You Like

We recommend products based off of your preferred way to consume our products!