Product Finder Recommendations: Pets – Medium

Your Furry Friend is One-Step Closer to Feeling Better!

The results are in, and your medium-sized pet is closer than ever to an improved lifestyle and better health! You told us that your pet is experiencing separation anxiety, jitters, issues with loud noises, pain, or inflammation. The great thing about our pet line is each product works to address all these issues at once, so you can’t go wrong with anything you choose for your furry friend out of our pet line. We need to focus on the best way for your pet to consume our products whether that is through a bite, an oil added to their food or applied directly to their bodies. Follow the guide below to see which is best for your pet and keep in mind these dosages below have already factored in your pet’s size:

The Products We Are Recommending:

  • Dog Bites: Our dog bites are best for pets who enjoy treats and need calming before a big event or special occasion.  
  • Nose & Paw Balm: Our nose & paw balm are best for pets who are picky eaters and need immediate relief for pain and inflammation in the body. 
  • Pet Shampoo: Our calming pet shampoo is best for pets who get anxiety taking a bath and need calming. 
  • Pet Tincture (500 MG) : Our pet tincture is best for pets needing long-term relief to anxiety, separation, inflammation or pain issues.

How Did We Come Up With This Solution?

It's simple - you told us this is what you needed!

We strongly believe that holistic solutions to health exist. More importantly, we know that cannabis-based therapy can change people’s lives! Each product has been designed to solve for specific issues and we have carefully curated our products to be the solution for you. We focus on the following factors when determining the right product for each person: your problem, your size, how intense the problem you’re going through is & your preferred way to consumer our products.


The most important thing we need to know – what are you going through?


We look at how intense the situation is that way we can prescribe the perfect amount!


We have different milligram solutions that we recommend based off your size!

What You Like

We recommend products based off of your preferred way to consume our products!