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Native Ceuticals has developed a brand new fully customized patent-pending process designed to formulate a 100% custom tincture made up of a unique and personalized blend of distillates, isolates and terpenes creating the best solution for each individual’s needs.

Our team will either ship your custom formulation directly to your door or hand it off to you on-site at a participating Native Ceuticals location.

This is a custom blended and personalized product that is made specific for you.  All sales are final.

$99.99 or $89.99 / month

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Re-ordering your Custom Tincture is simple. You can request a re-order online through our website or visit our in-store location. In just three easy steps, you'll be one step closer to maintaining your well-being and overall lifestyle. Discover the convenience of re-ordering exclusively at Native Ceuticals.


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