N-AC Immune Boost Capsules

N-AC Immune Boost Capsules

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N-AC is an anti-oxidant that has been known to hinder virus replication which helps to decrease the severity & duration of illnesses.

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Native Ceuticals is proud to release a brand-new product centered around optimizing each person’s immune function. Our powerful N-AC functions as a kidney and liver detox optimizing total health and immune strength. This product boosts glutathione which is known to eliminate free radicals responsible for a breakdown in brain and immune function at the cellular level. We recommend taking this product daily as part of an individual’s wellness routine. It can be used year-round and is especially beneficial during flu seasons.

Instructions: Take one capsule up to two times daily.

IngredientsN-Acetyl L-Cysteine, Zinc Gluconate, Vegetarian capsules

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