Why Native
Ceuticals CBD Oils?

Why Native Ceuticals? Well, as we’ve seen recently with the vaping industry, you need to be careful of what you put in your body. At Native Ceuticals, we pride ourselves on our “seed to shelf” business model which allows us to assure the quality of our products through each phase of production. Whether farmed ourselves or sourced from hemp farms right here in North Carolina, we start with only the best cannabis strains. Our professionally processed oils are then sent for third-party testing to ensure the highest concentrations of cannabinoids and the absence of any residual solvents, molds or pesticides. These extra steps are taken not only to ensure we are providing the highest quality products, but more importantly to make sure they are safe for our customers. 


As a member of the Native Ceuticals family, you can explore and shop from our wide variety of natural cannabinoid based remedies, and have direct access to our passionate team of health professionals, for your ailments and well-being.



We feel the best way to start your journey of health and wellness is by visiting one of our local stores for a free consultation. Otherwise you can sign up here, and begin an online consultation with the help button below.


Everyday Stress

Looking for relief from of everyday stress?  Here are some products that can help!


Looking for help with keeping your focus and concentration?  Here are some products that can help!

General Wellness

Looking increase all-around wellness and vitality?  Here are some products that can help!


Looking for relief from feelings of pain and discomfort?  Here are some products that can help!


Looking for something safe to help your furry friends?  Here are some products that can help!


Looking to improve your sleep and feel more rested?  Here are some products that can help!


Looking to improve your skin’s health and vitality?  Here are some products that can help!

Native Ceuticals
Puts Your Needs First.

In addition to having the highest quality products, we at Native Ceuticals believe that educating our customers is not optional, but essential. We are not satisfied until you understand both the “what” and “why” of each item we carry. Not everyone’s needs are the same, so we want to make sure that while you are in our store or online, yours come first! Visit one of our locations for a free consultation or view our “Learn Lab” by clicking the link above labeled “Discover CBD” for more information on how cannabinoids, terpenes, and the “Entourage Effect” are used to offer you safe, all-natural benefits. See what our amazing, all-natural CBD products can do for you!

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What Are Cannabinoids?

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