Why Native Ceuticals?

Our Farm

At Native Ceuticals, we pride ourselves on our “seed to shelf” business model which allows us to assure the quality of our products through each phase of production. Whether farmed ourselves or sourced from hemp farms right here in North Carolina, we start with only the best cannabis strains. 

Our professionally processed oils are then sent for third-party testing to ensure the highest concentrations of cannabinoids and the absence of any residual solvents, molds, or pesticides. These extra steps are taken not only to ensure we are providing the highest quality products, but more importantly to make sure they are safe for our customers. 

Our Company

Grown in the USA

Our company believes in the importance of growing and formulating right here in the USA! We’re proudly located in Mooresville, NC right outside of Charlotte. It is here that we formulate and manufacture every product available to you. We call our home office our Idea Lab and we work diligently on providing non-toxic cannabinoid solutions to solve for the ailments people go through. Our approach is simple, Native Ceuticals is a company about people. Whether it’s employing people with a passion for helping others, partnering with affiliates that share our mission or in our stores where we help people find real solutions to their everyday ailments. We love seeing lives change as a result of helping someone find the right product for them. We specialize in stress relief, sleep troubles, skin problems, issues with focus, pain relief & general wellness. We love that we’re growing our footprint nationwide!

Our Values


We’re a company anchored on integrity and transparency.

Excellence and Simplicty

We’re a company that pursues excellence and simplicity in all aspects.


We’re a company with a responsibility to give back to our community.


We’re a company that believes in the importance of a holistic approach in all aspects of life