Tincture Bar

Indtroducing our new

Tincture Bar

Native Ceuticals has developed a brand new fully customized patent-pending process designed to formulate a 100% custom tincture made up of a unique and personalized blend of distillates, isolates and terpenes creating the best solution for each individual’s needs.

Our process is simple:

 Step (1): Visit us either online at this page or by going directly to the Custom Tincture product, or in one of our participating locations by asking one of our sales associates at the front about our custom tincture line.

 Step (2): Complete our simple and user-friendly quiz addressing your concerns regarding stress, sleep, pain and general wellness.

Step (3): Just relax while a trained representative will review the results of your quiz and based off the answers you gave, combine a personalized blend of CBD, CBG, CBN and terpenes into a one-of-a-kind bottle, labeled and designed just for you.

From there, our team will either ship your custom formulation directly to your door or hand it off to you on-site at a participating Native Ceuticals location.


Re-ordering is easy, just visit us online and request to re-order or visit us in-store. In 3 easy steps, you’re now closer than ever to a clearer mind, a pain free lifestyle, reduced stress and overall better health. Exclusively at Native Ceuticals.

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